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A Coffey Note-Mental Blocks

“My success is the outcome of my work. I am willing to do the work.” Delice Coffey

toughness-psychologist-gameDid you know…

Mental game challenges and barriers left unattended will interfere with your performance.

Check out the list below:

 Lack of confidence – not believing in yourself and your skills, or focusing on the areas where you are weak.
 Fear of failure – being afraid, missing shots or making mistakes, so you perform tentative.
 Afraid to disappoint others – you are concerned about what others will say about you and your performance.
 The pressure of game time – You are so focused on winning it interfere with the process, which creates anxiety and cause you to tense up.
 Lack of pregame mental preparation – You do not have a pre-game routine.

  • If you are having difficulty with any of the above consider getting The Athlete’s Guide to Peak Performance Series to help you improve yourself and your game.
Updated: February 5, 2018 — 12:49 pm

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