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Confidence = Mental Toughness

“If you practice with emotion and purpose you’ll play with passion and confidence.” Brian Judski

As a dedicated basketball mental game coach, and sports psychology for basketball expert, I have studied, researched, and worked with hundreds of athletes for over two decades. Over the course of my years working, I’ve accumulated an impressive list of accomplishments and credentials such as:

  • Featured on ESPN Outside the Line as the first female guest, ESPN Sports Center, ESPN Wisconsin, L.A. Talk Radio, BS3 Sports Show, The Rudy Dog Show; On Point with Tomi Lahren and others.
  •  Worked with the top AAU basketball team in Union County – The Union County Xtreme basketball team.
  • My insights on basketball psychology techniques have been featured in ESPN magazine, Winning Hoops magazine, and I have been quoted in various articles and blogs.
  • Authoring and producing an extensive library of sports psychology books, videos, audio programs, and training seminars.
  • Owning and operating the leading mental training web site to help athletes to bring out their best performance.
  • Earning certifications in Sports Psychology and in the final stages of a doctoral degree in Sports & Performance Psychology.

Using my practical experience, I have created a workbook, An Athlete’s Guide to Peak Performance Series-Building Confidence. This workbook help athletes boost their mental toughness, confidence, and success in sports and life!

Packed with mental strategies that you can start using immediately, this program teaches you how to identify confidence busters, proactively deal with them, manage expectations that undermine confidence, and mentally prepare to stay confident when faced with adversity.

In addition, it show sports parents and coaches, how you may be hurting your athletes confidence and gives you instructions for changing your behavior in ways that will improve your athletes’ performance, confidence and enjoyment of the game.

You will discover the skills to be your Build Confidence so you will win championships.

Some athletes are naturally blessed with confidence from an early age, while others struggle with it. Everyone has the ability to build confidence and be confident in their skills and ability. Some just require a little work and that is ok.

To build your confidence you must change the way you think.

A 100% of the time it is 90% mental.

Confidence is a mind-set skill that doesn’t just happen by chance. You must work at it.

To build your confidence, specific strategies are required. These strategies can be found in my workbook – An Athlete’s Guide to Peak Performance Series– Building Confidence.

Go to and get started on Building Your Confidence with Sports Performance Top Mental Game Coach – Delice Coffey.

Updated: August 13, 2017 — 10:18 am

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