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Pre-Game Routines Builds Confidence

“Long term success is a direct result of what you achieve every day.” – Rick Pitino

build-confidence-sports-psychologistBasketball is not an easy game and just like life, it comes at you from different angles all the time.

Some days are better than others and it’s very difficult to expect that you will be equally consistent mentally, physically, and emotionally every single day whenever there’s a game to play.

The mental game of basketball mental can often be unpredictable, it’s important for you to develop and incorporate pre game routines so you will have a way to prepare yourselves consistently no matter what type of game we are having.

A pre-game routine is a way of doing things that you can adhere to no matter how you feel or what might be going on around you. In some ways, it acts as a shield for you to protect from the things you can’t or may not have prepared for. A pre-game routine can help provide comfort in even the most uncomfortable of scenarios.

Keep in mind that as much as routine can be your friend you need to maintain some perspective and make sure that your routine doesn’t turn into superstition.

The goal of the pre-game routine is to help you become more competitive however, you must be careful to remember that if something interferes with your routine, it will not automatically result in failure. That’s an indication to tweak your routine to allow for a similar situation in the future.

Simply put, like most successful athletes, you can integrate routines – a sequence of actions regularly followed – to enhance your confidence and performance.

The competitive sporting environment consists of numerous elements outside of your control and as such performance routines will help you to take charge of what you can.

Whatever the situation is and for whatever reason, there is a place for preparing how you want to think, feel, and react in the moments.

The reasons a pre-game routine is important it helps prepare you for the game mentally. You already know what you are doing to succeed in the game. The pre-game routine provides direction, enabling you to act mindfully instead of reacting with no clear direction.

Developing effective pre-game routines should begin in practice. For you to get the most out of your training, you should develop your routine and do it at every practice.

Your pre-game routine need only last a few minutes, but will completely prepare you to get the most out of your practice and game.

It will lay the foundation for improving your basketball mental toughness.

Remember, for your pre-game routine to become effective, you must use it every time you practice and before each game.

There is no one ideal pre-game routine for everyone. Pre-game routines are individualized. For every great athlete, you’ll see a different routine, but all will have common elements.

You have to decide what exactly to put into your routine and how to structure it. Developing an effective pre-game routine is a progressive process that will take time before you have one that really works for you.

To build your confidence and develop an effective pre-game routine you must change the way you think.

A 100% of the time it is 90% mental.

Confidence is a mind-set skill that doesn’t just happen by chance. You must work at it.

To build your confidence and develop an effective pre-game routine, specific strategies are required. These strategies can be found in my workbook – An Athlete’s Guide to Peak Performance Series– Building Confidence

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Updated: May 19, 2017 — 9:02 am

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