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Physical Fitness Improves Performance

“Being afraid on the court means you’re not confident of your skills” – Michael Jordan

sports-psychologist-mental-A young athlete goes through many challenges in the basketball mental game through the growth and development process.

With the trend towards early sport specialization becoming more prevalent in the youth athlete, it is important to ensure that individuals are competent in a broad spectrum of movements so that they are well rounded and able to perform in the safest manner possible.

Physical strength, speed, and conditioning training provide a stable foundation for a young athlete to become a better competitor.

Researchers have consistently found that the benefits of physical fitness is immense for young athletes.

A recent research on sports psychology for basketball shows that strength training and conditioning for youth athletes can be both safe and effective in developing strength, coordination and athleticism starting from the early age.

In this physically intensive contact sport, basketball players are highly reliant on effective body positioning and the ability to maintain that position when an opponent is pushing against him.

Being physically fit can help you develop sharp skills like dribbling and shooting, giving you competitive edge over your competitors.

Being physically fit not only improves your reactions but your mood, too.

When you do regular exercise, it makes you feel less anxious and reduces the effects of stress.

This, in part, is due to the chemicals we release into our brains when we exercise. These include dopamine and serotonin which have the effect of generating a feeling of well-being and of a positive mood. When you feel better about yourselves, it gives you a sense of control over your body and mind.

Physical fitness has a huge effect on self-confidence.

If you’re out of shape, you’ll feel insecure, unattractive, and less energetic. By exercising regularly and staying fit, you will radiate self-confidence. Having the discipline to work out not only makes you feel better, it creates positive momentum that will carry over into everything else in your life.

Basketball confidence, mental toughness, etc. may sound very charismatic but in reality, these are all the results of some hormonal balance.

Abundance or lacking of certain hormones make you bold or afraid, successful or unsuccessful etc. By being fit mentally and physically, you will be able to keep your hormones in balance. By keeping your hormones in balance, you will simply be more successful in basketball.

Becoming physically fit requires a change in life style as well.

You will have to incorporate a regular exercise routine in your life and also eat healthier. By avoiding junk foods, fizzy drinks, bad habits like smoking and alcohol and by getting adequate amount of rest, you will be able to become physically and mentally fit. Just by eliminating all these food substances from your life, no matter how temporarily, you will allow your body to detox and become stronger.

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Updated: January 16, 2017 — 7:47 pm

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