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Happy New Year! Assess Your Mental Skills

“My success is the outcome of my work. I am willing to do the work.” Delice Coffey

delice-coffey-mental-toughnThe beginning of the year is a good time to celebrate past accomplishments and focus on what you want to accomplish in the New Year.

While the New Year’s celebrations have already started and in some cases may be over, it’s never too late to assess where you are and what your goals are for improving your mental game in basketball for 2017.

Too often we look at our progress and instead of being encouraged by our progress, all we can see is what we didn’t achieve.

What if you are closer to your goal than you think? We often forget to celebrate the little wins and accomplishments and lose sight of the fact that we are moving in the right direction and learning what it will take to hit the goals.

As with anything, there are two ways to look at the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. You can take it personally and start thinking you are your mistakes and failures, or you can learn from it, set goals and move on.

Very accomplished people have a healthy relationship with failure. They can fall down, smile, pick themselves up and keep going, because they know the big secret- failure does not define who they are and what they can accomplishment.

The benefits of assessing where you are and where you want to go in your basketball mental game are:

• It helps you to decrease mental errors and increase insight into your mental game.
• It helps improve practice and game routines
• It helps maximize your understanding of your mental skills needed to improve your game.
• It will help to increase your mental and emotional capacity to learn and overcome performance challenges in the mental game.

Assessing where you are now and setting goals to get to where you want to be is opportunity to discover and uncover the nature of your thoughts, your mindset and how they relate to your basketball mental game.

Every time you attempt something new or challenging, you not only say something to the world, but most importantly you reveal who and what you are to yourself. You will discover what you are made of.

A mental skills assessment will help you identify those challenges and barriers that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Basketball mental toughness gives you the competitive edge over your opponents. A need assessment will help you to identify more clearly the specific areas that you need to work on so you can have a strong mental game in basketball.

It will also give the mental game coach information needed to put an individualized mental game plan in place to help you overcome the challenges and be the best you in sports and life.

If you are interested in assessing where you are with your mental game so you can be MORE successful in 2017 visit my website at and take the mental game test.

The assessment is free and you will also get a free 15 minutes consultation session with me – A Certified Mental Game Coach and ESPN guest.

*Download the free mental game assessment and get started on Improving your Mental Game in Basketball

Updated: December 27, 2016 — 1:47 pm

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