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Mental Preparation for Basketball

Many players who excel at basketball have periods of time where their game is just off.; they miss important plays, they are missing shots that they could normally do with their eyes closed, etc. Most players endure these slumps when they are not mentally prepared for the game of basketball. You have to have basketball mental toughness to be able to succeed in the sport and in life. We are prone to mental and emotional anguish which affects how we live our lives. When your girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with you, your basketball psychology will be off which is why mental preparation is crucial for you to always be able to play your best.

Without being mentally prepared, you will inevitably hit one of these slumps. There are many players who have their game rituals which may seem odd but they help these great players to succeed on the mental court as well as the physical. Basketball mental toughness does not just come to a player, you he need to train for it. Not all basketball coaches teach this part of the sports, however sport psychology for basketball is 90 percent of the game. It is all mental!

In order for you to succeed on your path towards basketball mental toughness, you need to conquer yourself. You are your own worst enemy. You tell yourself that you are not working hard enough, that you are playing terribly, that everyone else is better than you, and the list goes on. You are allowing your confidence to slip away which ultimately destroys any toughness that you have remaining. You always have to believe in yourself and believe in your abilities. Until you do, you will never improve.

Another important part of the mental game basketball is being able to clear your mind. Completely turn yourself off from the world. This can be extremely challenging but it can be done. Many players begin to meditate or even do yoga in order to clear their mind. Once you are able to clear your mind, you can begin to focus on what is important: winning. By clearing your mind, you will also see that your self esteem increases and that your skills are quickly improving. You are on your way to becoming an even better player.

Even if you consider yourself to be the embodiment of basketball mental toughness, you should always take the time out to focus positively on yourself. You can be tough on the game, but not too tough on yourself. As long as you are mentally ready for a game, you will be able to play at your best, regardless of how much you have practiced. Stay on top by preparing yourself mentally for the game.

Updated: April 2, 2011 — 3:11 pm

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