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    What’s Basketball Psychology?

    There are many psychology tools you can apply in basketball. Basketball psychology is the study of a person’s behavior in a sport or sports-related activity. It is a specialization that seeks to understand psychological/mental factors that affect performance in sports, physical activity, and exercise. You’ll learn goal setting, relaxation, visualization, self-talk, concentration, confidence, using rituals, attribution training, awareness and control.  Read more about Basketball Psychology

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    Mental Game Coaching for Basketball

     At Living Well Centre in the Sport Psychology Division, we help athletes improve their mental skills needed to perform well in practice and in competition.  We help athletes by identifying thoughts and/or fears that limit their performance.  Basketball Psychology Coach D. Coffey, MA, LPA, MGCP is a Psychologist who specializes in sport and fitness psychology, mental game coaching, and mental health services. Read more about Basketball Psychology Coaching

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    Basketball Psychology Programs

    Our team will provide you with the skills needed to reach Peak Performance in basketball. We offer: On-on-One Mental Game Coaching, Team Mental Game Coaching, Coaching Consultation, and Coaching for Parents. We offer three, six or twelve month packages. Our mental game coaching programs are ideal for serious athletes who want to uncover the mental game barries that limit their performance. Click here to learn more about our Mental Coaching Programs.


Overcoming Mental Barriers


“You’re always going to face criticism, you’re always going to face challenges, but those things are there to make you stronger and more committed” – David Robinson Athletes have a responsibility to keep themselves as mentally sharp as they do physically. In fact, research on sports psychology for basketball shows that the way an athlete thinks has a greater impact on their performance than … [Read more...]


Building Confidence


“Confidence is everything in this game, if you don’t think you can, you won’t” – Jerry West At the top of the peak performance pyramid sits emotions. It's closest to the top of the pyramid (above motivation, confidence, intensity, and focus) because emotions will ultimately dictate how you perform and how mentally tough you will be.. Emotions during a competition can cover the spectrum … [Read more...]


The Standard for Mental Performance – Steph Curry


“Every time I rise up, I have confidence that I'm going to make it.”---- Stephen Curry Stephen Curry is the most skilled player in the history of basketball, both mentally and physically. No one has ever been as prolific at controlling the ball and where it goes next as Curry. If you put passing, shooting, and ball handling into one category, call it ball manipulation, he's the best to ever … [Read more...]


A Commitment to Mental Performance


“I always designed my practice plans the night before and then made tweaks a few hours before practice began” – Bob Knight Having a clear understanding of mental toughness is important. Once you understand your current level of basketball mental toughness you can then start to improve it. Developing your basketball mental toughness can help you be more emotionally resilient, push you to go … [Read more...]


Nurturing Your Mental Game


“Discipline is doing what has to be done, when it has to be done, as well as it can be done, and doing it that way all the time” – Bob Knight Mental Toughness involves more than just willpower; it requires hard work and commitment. It’s about establishing healthy habits and choosing to devote your time and energy to self-improvement. Although it’s easier to feel mentally strong when life … [Read more...]